EBS–OAM Integration: Webgate allowed access to protected page GUID=null

When a user attempts to login to Oracle E-Business Suite, after entering their credentials the following error is displayed in the browser:
Internal Error: Webgate allowed access to protected page GUID=null


When testing response headers in step 4.4.3 a null value is returned for USER_ORCLGUID, instead of a valid value

Bug 19438948

As a workaround specify ‘orclguid’ as a ‘Prefetched Attribute’ in Oracle Access Manager:
Logon to the OAM Console:
Click ‘User Identity Stores’ (in the ‘Configuration’ section) > select the Identity Store with a type of ‘OID’ (e.g. ‘EBSIdStore’ or ‘OIDIdentityStore’) in the ‘OAM ID Stores’ table >
Click ‘Edit’ > Enter orclguid in the ‘Prefetched Attributes’ field and click ‘Apply’ to save