Reset The Last Applied Change Number in a Provisioning Profile

Issue faced
EBS provisioning profile trying to retrieve number of changes are more than size limit. Time to search all changes taken more than 3600ms i.e maximum time allowed for a search to complete.


You can check above configuration from enterprise manager or check “orcltimelimit “ “orclsizelimit” in cn=oid,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry


ldapsearch -h <hostname> -p <port> -D cn=orcladmin -w xxxxxx -b “” -s base “objectclass=*” lastchangenumber

ldapsearch -h <hostname> -p <port> -D cn=orcladmin -w xxxxxx -b “cn=provisioning profiles,cn=changelog subscriber,cn=oracle internet directory” -s sub objectclass=* | grep orcllastappliedchangenumber

lastchangenumber – orcllastappliedchangenumber > Maximum number of entries to be returned by search


Reset the last applied change number in provisioning profile.

oidprovtool operation=modify ldap_host=”<hostname>” ldap_port=”<port>” \
ldap_user_dn=”cn=orcladmin” ldap_user_password=”xxxx” application_dn= \

At prompt, enter following details
Interface Connection information –> <Apps_DB_host>:<Apps_DB_Port>:<Apps_SID>:<Apps_schema_user>:<apps_password>


EBS–OAM Integration: Webgate allowed access to protected page GUID=null

When a user attempts to login to Oracle E-Business Suite, after entering their credentials the following error is displayed in the browser:
Internal Error: Webgate allowed access to protected page GUID=null


When testing response headers in step 4.4.3 a null value is returned for USER_ORCLGUID, instead of a valid value

Bug 19438948

As a workaround specify ‘orclguid’ as a ‘Prefetched Attribute’ in Oracle Access Manager:
Logon to the OAM Console:
Click ‘User Identity Stores’ (in the ‘Configuration’ section) > select the Identity Store with a type of ‘OID’ (e.g. ‘EBSIdStore’ or ‘OIDIdentityStore’) in the ‘OAM ID Stores’ table >
Click ‘Edit’ > Enter orclguid in the ‘Prefetched Attributes’ field and click ‘Apply’ to save